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Once again we have held after successful games in Google Play Store out and have come across Subway Surfers of the Danish company kiloo. The somewhat reminiscent of the classic Temple Run Jump and Run Game, puts you in a colorful and vivid graphics in high definition resolution. In today's test, we want to find out how much fun escape from the inspector and the related dodging oncoming trains can prepare.

Game Idea

Although the boy when you start the app "Subway Surfers" a friendly beckoning, he has yet sly old ears, because he is in a graffiti-speed and sprayed with his friends trains. Since the competent security officers course has something about it and tries to catch him. But the artist loves his hobby and is running, how it could be otherwise, on the railway line thereof. But the oncoming trains stop either of the two competitors from getting to stop the mad chase. And of course it is precisely our task to ensure the safety of the boy. How the game plays what likes and dislikes that you learn in this test.

A "breakthrough" game idea?

Brand new, the game idea is not, because the game is very reminiscent of "Temple Run", no matter how good dodging the on the rails building up obstacles, you can play through the game does not. But let's start but only once at the beginning of the story ...

So we found on the railway line again. Now it is time once with a finger swipe left or right to oncoming dodge trains. Barriers and shrubs can be a wiper skip upwards. Some trains have ramps,
over which you reach the roof of the train and then can jump from train to train. The expense is coin one might many collect belohnt-, you have to take even greater risks and risks, for example in a moving train or to run into a brick wall, which then brings an arrest with him. However, in order to delay this as long as possible, you can collect powerups. These are, for example, so-called super sneaker with which you can jump on the trains or jetpacks with whom you "fly by" playing easily coins can collect without running the risk in trains . http://hackswiki.com/subway-surfers-hack-apk-coins-keys-unlocked-all-themes/ Popping In addition there's the skateboard similar Hoverboards, give us this an extra life. But be careful: These boards have worn after a certain time and then no longer act. To extend the hours of powerups you can upgrade them using the the collected money. Note you should then the Mistery Boxes, because where you always get a surprise about new hoverboard or items like a radio. If you have won a certain number of items, you can therefore unlock corresponding figures and now pesen as a woman or robot over the rails.

Mission impossible

In order to rise quickly, can its multiplier (so are the points multiplied) level up. This happens where one missions dissolves like "role 40 times in a game on the middle track" or "Collect 3 Super Sniker in one game on".
The higher the multiplier, the more points you get even with these points can you if you want to compete with his Facebook friends.


In the graphic you can not complain, like the game with a nice comic touch. The figures are complicated and drawn immediately likeable. The manufacturer kiloo know explicitly indicate a HD-optimized graphics for retina displays. But in how far you want the check at the limited selection of colors is then but each left himself.


The game is really fun, and compete with friends prepared us in the test great pleasure. The game idea was strictly enforced in connection with a witty plot and distributes a straight away the boredom. It runs smoothly and without any crashes and not only, but also because it's free, we put you this item to my heart.
A minimum deduction of us there for the missing German translation for the game. Nevertheless, with simple English skills you can piece together everything and thus comes through all the menus and settings.
Many argue that game is the best - Temple Run 2 or this one, we have both on the androids and see both games class. So why choose one when you can have both